A week at Salmon Lake, CA

SalmonLakeLodge2_lowWe spent a week at the beautiful Salmon Lake Lodge in the Lakes Basin area of Northern California. The lake is about an hour north of  Lake Tahoe. It was a hiker’s paradise and a beautiful place to CHILL OUT for vacation.

Mitch Chillin'
Mitch Chillin’


We hiked to several lakes, one more stunning than the last, and with Mitch on the trip, the only option was to jump in at least once a day. The water was cool and refreshing–quite the treat when it got hot, which it did most days.

Our friends Joan and Adam made the rezzie at this place, where they have been going for the last four years. Stayed in a tent cabin–canvas roof, cook top, small fridge, electric lights (and outlets), picnic tables in and out, outside bbq grill, full size mattress, bunk beds, and a stove with all the wood you can burn. An idyllic week with highlights of playing music.

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