Jazz at the Howlings

Jazz at the Howlings
Sam Bevan

Fantastic Jazz by Lorca Hart, Josh Nelson and Sam Bevan at the Howlings on November 15. It’s so great to sit right up front to see and hear the guys play. I didn’t get a decent sketch of Josh on Piano because he was moving too fast!

Cheers to Kelly and David for hosting such a swingin’ event. Thank you! Great company and hot food and music.

Lorca Hart

It was a special pleasure having my mom and dad there. I’d thought on other occasions how wonderful it would be to share this type of  music in an intimate setting with them.  Also great to have our friends Judy and Lee there.

Now my folks want to host a party like that in Ukiah. Okay Lee, get ready…I’m guessing they’re going to recruit you 🙂


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