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Family Reunion

My mother had 16 first cousins and her family was very close. So, it’s a little odd that there hasn’t been a reunion since 1991. Due to some heavy pushing from a few dogged relatives, we’re breaking that trend and meeting next week Friday in Monterey, CA. Of course, I couldn’t resist designing a T-shirt for the event. Here’s the front of the shirt, available through Zazzle. FinalShirtDesign_web

I was floored with the technology that’s now available for printing. They can reproduce a full color design on pretty much anything, in any quantity FAST. Being from the old school of T-shirt design and production (I created and screen printed t-shirts and handbags for my own micro-business on Kaua’i, a gazillion years ago) I find this nothing short of miraculous. Of course, I’ve been told that it’s not the same quality as screen printing, but I guess I’ll find out.

Anyway, I’m being prophetic in assuming that we’ll survive all the cousins, aunts, uncles and sisters for 3 days in beautiful Monterey. So, the back side is as follows:


I do wish I’d said “the Family Reunion” and said where it’s being held, but truthfully, the design took up all of my weekend and I burned out on it.

One Week 100 People 2017

I have become a big fan of Instagram. Through that app, I’ve found wonderful sketchers, illustrators and artists and I’ve been sharing my work (@susanstanger5995—when I picked the handle, I didn’t know you were supposed to pick something more descriptive—I’m still learning). In early March, I learned about a challenge to sketch 100 people in a week. You might have noticed that I love to draw people so this was a no brainer for me. But it wasn’t easy. It was really 100 people in 5 days and by the end of the week, I was pretty much burnt out on drawing people.

On the other hand (so to speak), my drawing became more facile and quicker. I also started using other media, like a sharpie pen and colored pencils. One day, I banged out several sketches that way in just half an hour. Really quick and half from memory as my subjects moved through and out of eyeshot.

I posted on Instagram every day but the drawings were out of order and sometimes incomplete. I knew that eventually I would post them here so I could show them all in order (somewhat—though it seems that I’m missing a couple) and write more details about what I was doing, if I wanted to. So, here they are, my sketches of 100 people…

These first sketches were done during a meeting of the Mill Valley CAN (Community Action Network) meeting. A group that is doing fantastic political action!


The ferry is a wonderful place to sketch people because they seldom see me drawing them. Most are reading something, as this sketch shows.Number19-23


Here’s where I start doing those really quick sketches with the Sharpie pen and colored pencils. These were created in the lobby of the building where I work, 201 Mission St. on the corner of Beale in SF.


Back on the FerryNumber44-48

Number49-52A few of my colleagues:Number53-55



More quick sketches with a sharpie. I sketched first and colored in later.



Finally doing a few just with paint. It was really fun and interesting to mix it up and do things a little differently.




At the Water protectors rally in San Francisco



Random sketches

In Hopland, CA. Very cool to watch how they train the dogs to herd those sheep.sketch3







George Na’ope Hula Festival


This was a wonderful festival last summer in Sacramento. It felt like home 🙂



I took a wonderful, inspiring workshop at the Yosemite Art Center in September with Janet Takahashi. It was a whole week but I was only able to go to the morning of the first day. But I got really jazzed with her techniques and her beautiful work. I’d really like to go for the full week next year.


I met another watercolor artist at this spot. He gave me a bunch of tips for painting and promoting my work. I haven’t done many landscapes and am learning new techniques from an old book that belonged to Uncle Miki (Z”l). It’s taken me a couple of months but I finally finished this piece. yosemitevalley


Miscellaneous Sketches 2016

Three legged chicken at Palisades Amusement Park. Tobie, do you remember this?

When I was a kid, I went with Tobie and Dad to Palisades Amusement Park. Tobie really wanted to go to the Freak Show but I was too scared. When I asked her how they got a three-legged chicken, she said, “I don’t know—they paste another one on?”

three legged chicken

This kangaroo mouse guy keeps showing up in my illustrations. Here he is about to leap off a building. But his cousin is relaxing under a tree while listening to some music.



Here’s the scene at the Salon in Corte Madera. Sketching is something to do while I’m waiting for the color to set.atthesalon

Bolinas house over the water. It’s the most picturesque place in town as far as I’m concerned. Love it!


Harvey and Eli gave us a concert after dinner at Thanksgiving. They played a great duet! Harvey is a virtuoso clarinetist. And he kinda looks like Benny Goodman :).


Hardly Strictly Bluegrass 2016

I always anticipate the annual HSB Festival in San Francisco. Such a gift to our City and to everyone who loves music. This year was wonderful, as always.



exoticwomanDuring Mavis Staples’ set on Friday night, we sat near this striking looking woman.  She woman didn’t smile or change expression the whole time.  the

We wondered what she was thinking.






Saturday, we got there early to hang at the Arrow stage where KT Tunstall was the first act. Never heard her name before but we knew some of her hits. Great fun!





I love the excitement of HSB. Everyone is friendly and happy. The couple next to us came from Scotland for the festival. I also met a woman from North Carolina who is anxious to see Jackson Browne. The many colorful characters of San Francisco have converged on the park.