Waikiki and singing with the altacockers

Waikiki Surf Racks

My last day off before 2011 so I did some errands. Got my surfboard ding kit at T & C in the International Marketplace. Now I remember why I haven’t been there in over 20 years–it’s a bunch of junky jewelry shops and places that sell ugly aloha wear. It was a gorgeous day so I hung out at the surf racks for a while, watching the waves and the Japanese tourists. Met a couple who at the picnic tables with ukes who told me that there’s a kanikapila every Monday and Friday from 1-2:30. I went to get my uke to join them.

Yeah, his hat says SF

About a dozen old futs in their 80’s and 90’s playing old timey tunes, cowboy ditties, Hawaiian and hapa haole songs with a mike and amp. Several just couldn’t hit the notes but sang with heart. One guy was playing a steel guitar which somehow made everything sound good. I loved it!

This guy gave a little intro saying the his next song was about Hanalei Bay and then belted out “Some Enchanted Evening” in a rich baritone.  A lady went up and sang “All of Me.” One woman only sang Hawaiian songs and they were great.

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