New Year’s weekend


Kid on the beach in Kailua


Friday the weather was beautiful so we went to the Windward side to enjoy Kailua Beach where the sun finally showed it’s face. There, we made our pilgrimage to Agnes’ Portuguese Bakery to pick up some World famous muffins (blueberry and cranberry in case you were wondering), grabbed a slice of Boston’s pizza (they do a good crust) and headed for the beach for some serious boogie boarding. The waves were big and fun and they really rolled us! We were pretty whipped by the time we got out.

Met my old bud Brett Wigdortz and his family for dinner in Waikiki and then sort of missed the fireworks–they were hiding behind the Sheraton. It was a nice New Year’s Eve, even if we didn’t dance to the Dead.


Ocean Study


Yesterday was another gorgeous day so we went back to Kailua, though it took us much longer to get out the door. The waves were smaller and I’ve never seen the beach so crowded. Not sure if more tourists are going there or if the Obamas were attracting people but next time maybe we’ll go to Waimanalo. In any case, we were still a bit wiped from the day and were starting to get chafed by our boards so we mostly body surfed.

I tried to paint the ocean–something that I’ve never been able to do. I’m going to have to find out what techniques there are for this. I’ll keep you posted 🙂


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