Sketches of Spain

Actually, most of these are of Barcelona. We went with my folks back in April. We came across this violinist playing Vivaldi’s Four Seasons in a courtyard by the cathedral. He was great!






We took one of those tourist buses around Barcelona and got off here. There was a beautiful view from that hill.LaSagrada









Holy water bucket at La Sagrada Familia. I love that it was a giant clamshell (faisua).




Porter’s Pavillion at Park Güell ParkGuell







This rooftop was pretty irresistible.






We LOVED Casa Battló!Casa-BattloBarcelonaRooftop

…then Mitch and I went to GranadaAlhambraHotel-1

This was while we waited for our ticket time at the AlhambraAlhambraHotelMalaga-Morning

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