3 Month creative challenge first posting

Well, I haven’t done squat with this blog in a year so hopefully, the 3 month creative challenge will inspire me. Here are 3 sketches and a drawing. I think I’m still behind by one week but at least I’ve got something going.

The first are two from my favorite bakery in SF for incredible chocolate chunk cookies, Specialty’s.

I have to bring a sketch pad to work and get whatever time I can on it. I also have tried my time on the bus for this, as you can see with my next sketch.

The Golden Gate Transit bus is pretty great. Generally, I get a seat by the window and can watch the incredible scenery of the Marin Headlands and the GG Bridge which looks different every day. It takes me 45 minutes to get to my stop in SF so I have plenty of time to read or email or listen to music. Sketching is challenging, due to the very bumpy ride but I don’t mind. It’s a quiet ride as, amazingly, most people don’t use their phones on the commute.

The drawing is from our wonderful vacation in Tahoe. The snow situation was sad but we still had a fantastic, fun time with our friends Leila and Ron and Ron’s sister, Rhea.

Mitch at Tahoe

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