From Manoa to Waikiki, with one less tooth!

Be sure to scrub your boots!

Our last day at visiting professor housing in Manoa was on Tuesday. I got my wonderful Makiki hike in. It’s the Maunalaha-Kanealole trail. And it was a really MUGGY day so I was pretty wet by the time I got finished.

It’s pretty cool that the loop is basically shaped like a taro leaf. I didn’t see any of the dreaded miconia but will continue to scrub my boots just in case I carry any by mistake. There’s an incredible blanket of morning glory draping the trees in green.

This won't hurt a bit

Wednesday, we loaded up the car and drove to the oral surgeon’s office where they knocked me out and pulled my tooth. I don’t remember anything, which is how it should be.

Mitch picked me up and we went to Banyan to meet Rina and see/move in to our new home.

After getting all of our stuff (considerably more than we had when we arrived) to our new digs, we walked down to Walls and took a much deserved dip.

View from our Lanai (minus the railing)

So, we’d been told it was a mauka (mountain) view but that wasn’t altogether true. We’re in the Mauka Tower with a makai (ocean) view but we don’t have much of an ocean view at all–just a sliver and a postage stamp of water to see between the buildings. But it is just enough to get an idea of how the surf is on any given day so it’s not too bad…

Besides, we’re only 4 blocks from Walls, which is FUN boogie boarding!

Waikiki is rife with happy tourists and all type of characters, so I’m sure it’ll be entertaining. We’re on the 21st floor so taking the elevator provides no lack of opportunity for Mitch to play wise guy and kibbitz.

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