Shopping during Covid times

The day after we returned from the Big Island, we were directed to start sheltering in place. We’d already planned to do this (after all, we’d been traveling), so it wasn’t a surprise.

It’s just that shopping was (and still is, at time of this post) a scary experience. My therapy is to make comics.


I’m not wearing gloves to the store anymore but I was when I did this comic, and it was a major juggle.

Just wanting to get out asap makes for lousy choices and lower quality produce (grab that bag of mangoes and find out that the ones at the bottom are all wrinkled and kinda brown).


I had seen a video of this doctor who disinfected everything and then I read that I didn’t have to. SO CONFUSING.

Covid-2Stay safe everyone!


Travel to PA/NJ/NY in December

I can get really bored on a 5 hour plane ride. Especially when we have an extra 1.5 hours to stop to refuel (in beautiful Salt Lake City). Started these pen and inks at the Museum of Natural History in NY and at the Metropolitan. Painted them on the plane. I got a little carried away but it was fun.


Miscellaneous Sketches 2016

Three legged chicken at Palisades Amusement Park. Tobie, do you remember this?

When I was a kid, I went with Tobie and Dad to Palisades Amusement Park. Tobie really wanted to go to the Freak Show but I was too scared. When I asked her how they got a three-legged chicken, she said, “I don’t know—they paste another one on?”

three legged chicken

This kangaroo mouse guy keeps showing up in my illustrations. Here he is about to leap off a building. But his cousin is relaxing under a tree while listening to some music.



Here’s the scene at the Salon in Corte Madera. Sketching is something to do while I’m waiting for the color to set.atthesalon

Bolinas house over the water. It’s the most picturesque place in town as far as I’m concerned. Love it!


Harvey and Eli gave us a concert after dinner at Thanksgiving. They played a great duet! Harvey is a virtuoso clarinetist. And he kinda looks like Benny Goodman :).