NYC long weekend to see the Michelangelo Drawings

The incredible show at the MET will only be there until mid February. My sister Tobie encouraged me to go since the drawings will only be shown this one time. We jumped on a plane and had a wonderful long weekend in the Big Apple. It even snowed all day on Saturday and accumulated 7″—what a treat!

Of course, I sketched. Here are the pieces I did.

Found this great bar, the Fat Cat, with live Jazz



Through the window at Tea and Sympathy in the West Village. While waiting for my old friend, Amy.
Artifacts from the wonderful National Museum of the American Indian in the old Custom’s House in lower Manhattan
Please excuse. A doodle to fill my time on the plane.

2 thoughts on “NYC long weekend to see the Michelangelo Drawings

  1. Welcome to NYC!
    I haven’t yet gotten to the MET for the Michaelangelo exhibit. Can’t wait to go.

    Love love love your paintings. So bright, colorful and real. 😍

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