Lots of Activity. #Enough

It started with the Women’s March. I walked with my family in Oakland. From my 7 year old cousin to my 85 year old mom. It was a great event, though a little rough keeping track of all 16 of us!


Since then I’ve been calling my Senators to block the Cabinet nominees. Last week, we met in front of Diane Feinstein’s house to urge her to block Jeff Sessions as Attorney General. This week I went back to thank her for voting against him and for her very strong message (she heard us and acted, yes!). Also to encourage her to vote no on Pruitt.


The Senator lives in an incredibly beautiful house with a lovely view of the Bay. This week there weren’t as many people there and I didn’t always agree with the speakers but it was good to be out to make my voice heard.


Women’s March

There were 16 in my family marching on January 20. From the three octogenarian matriarchs to a couple of fiesty 7 year olds. Imperative activity!




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