No Coasters at the Howlings

NoCoasters_LeeWe went to see the wonderful No Coasters a few weeks age at the Howlings up in Healdsburg a few weeks ago. These native mid-westerners, Lee Bloom (piano), Brandon Essex (bass) and Carrie Jahde (drums) played fantastic jazz. They played a smokin’ version of Epistrophy. Go see them–they are fantastic! Thank you Kellie and David for hosting another great concert.

I couldn’t help but draw while the music pulled me along. Here are my renditions.


My dad gave me a wonderful book of New Yorker illustrations by the incomparable Saul Steinberg. I’ve been poring over this coffee table book for the past month and his style sank into these drawings of the musicians. I love the way Steinberg includes words, numbers and punctuation in his drawings and his line are simple and whimsical but his work is genius. NoCoasters_Brandon


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