A couple more days in. Surfing and Hiking

First time back on my board!
Actually stood up on my board at Diamond Head. Since I’m so out of shape, I figure that going out is just paddle practice until I can get some muscle back. Riding something is basically gravy at this point. Woohoo!
We Love the Kiawe Grill!

Kiawe Grill is the bestest of all the Korean BBQ places I know of. They give you a plate of food that’s bigger than your head, almost a pound of won bok kim chee, diakon kim chee, and mac salad, and it’s only $9 (feeds 2). My idea of heaven.



Pearl Harbor Day



Mitch is getting over his sinus infection…much better! We went to Waikiki pau hana. I dropped him off at Kaimana and headed for Diamond Head Cliffs. This was a great day because not only did I catch a wave but I rode it all the way in!


Loving my favorite pau hana trail

Lincoln Hall is turning out to be a great place to stay (thanks Kuhio) but it’s kind of idyllic to be living on a college campus. The view from our window is a show of the light on the Koolaus back of Manoa Valley.



Hiking that wonderful Makiki loop as much as possible. It’s great to be able to go pau hana. It’s taking a while to get back into it, though. The first 30 minutes are all steep uphill. Then it goes up and down a bit. I love that jungle.


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