SF Strong


Click/tap here to download a pdf (2.5 MB) of the posters.
Each one is 8.5″ x 11″ and may be printed in color or black and white. Get creative and add your own supportive drawing in the blank poster! No rights reserved. Dedicated to the public.

I designed this series for San Francisco Strong, an organization that aims to help students, who are sheltering at home, learn practical business skills while helping San Franciscans weather the pandemic. The students’ first goal is to have 100 of these community-supporting SF Strong posters in peoples’ windows by May 10.

So, all you SF peeps, please download the posters and put one or all of them in your window. When you do, email the students so they can include you in their count. SFStrongInterns@gmail.com

For more information, check out: Facebook: SFstrong.posters and Instagram: @sfstrong.posters

The style of these posters is different from that of my sketches but it’s not new to me. Here’s the background story (yep, there’s a story).



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