Grand Newsstand and Robin’s Studio

I just spent a day with Dominique and Robin in Oakland at Robin’s. Her house is beautiful and her studio is every artist’s fantasy – wonderful light, space, and all kinds of fantastic supplies. I couldn’t resist drawing one wall of the space, chock-a-block with treasures.robinsstudio1

I am also fascinated with the Grand Newsstand on Market which sells a variety of ZINES. It’s such a cool kiosk type of thing and of course, I love zines!


George Na’ope Hula Festival


This was a wonderful festival last summer in Sacramento. It felt like home 🙂



Travel to PA/NJ/NY in December

I can get really bored on a 5 hour plane ride. Especially when we have an extra 1.5 hours to stop to refuel (in beautiful Salt Lake City). Started these pen and inks at the Museum of Natural History in NY and at the Metropolitan. Painted them on the plane. I got a little carried away but it was fun.



I took a wonderful, inspiring workshop at the Yosemite Art Center in September with Janet Takahashi. It was a whole week but I was only able to go to the morning of the first day. But I got really jazzed with her techniques and her beautiful work. I’d really like to go for the full week next year.


I met another watercolor artist at this spot. He gave me a bunch of tips for painting and promoting my work. I haven’t done many landscapes and am learning new techniques from an old book that belonged to Uncle Miki (Z”l). It’s taken me a couple of months but I finally finished this piece. yosemitevalley


Miscellaneous Sketches 2016

Three legged chicken at Palisades Amusement Park. Tobie, do you remember this?

When I was a kid, I went with Tobie and Dad to Palisades Amusement Park. Tobie really wanted to go to the Freak Show but I was too scared. When I asked her how they got a three-legged chicken, she said, “I don’t know—they paste another one on?”

three legged chicken

This kangaroo mouse guy keeps showing up in my illustrations. Here he is about to leap off a building. But his cousin is relaxing under a tree while listening to some music.



Here’s the scene at the Salon in Corte Madera. Sketching is something to do while I’m waiting for the color to set.atthesalon

Bolinas house over the water. It’s the most picturesque place in town as far as I’m concerned. Love it!


Harvey and Eli gave us a concert after dinner at Thanksgiving. They played a great duet! Harvey is a virtuoso clarinetist. And he kinda looks like Benny Goodman :).


Hardly Strictly Bluegrass 2016

I always anticipate the annual HSB Festival in San Francisco. Such a gift to our City and to everyone who loves music. This year was wonderful, as always.



exoticwomanDuring Mavis Staples’ set on Friday night, we sat near this striking looking woman.  She woman didn’t smile or change expression the whole time.  the

We wondered what she was thinking.






Saturday, we got there early to hang at the Arrow stage where KT Tunstall was the first act. Never heard her name before but we knew some of her hits. Great fun!





I love the excitement of HSB. Everyone is friendly and happy. The couple next to us came from Scotland for the festival. I also met a woman from North Carolina who is anxious to see Jackson Browne. The many colorful characters of San Francisco have converged on the park.

Our Family Band

Were’ starting to have some musical parties during the holidays. This was from a photo I took at Dee and Reid’s—I think it was the first day of Pesach. Max and Eli are going at it. Cousin Steve in the background. Mucha fiesta at the Edelman’s! Looking forward to more of these moments.


Max Wechsler on Piano. Eli Edelman on Sax. Steve Schwartz making his way across the room.