El Sketch Fabuloso

I miss my wonderful former colleague, Dominique. She’s a talented illustrator and we used to go out to sketch in the financial district of San Francisco at lunchtime on Wednesdays. She’s freelancing now but I’m trying to keep the tradition going on my own.

coittowerThis week, I did a quick sketch of Coit Tower (minus the traffic, trolley lines and streetlamps) from the Embarcadero.


Random sketches

In Hopland, CA. Very cool to watch how they train the dogs to herd those sheep.sketch3







Lots of Activity. #Enough

It started with the Women’s March. I walked with my family in Oakland. From my 7 year old cousin to my 85 year old mom. It was a great event, though a little rough keeping track of all 16 of us!


Since then I’ve been calling my Senators to block the Cabinet nominees. Last week, we met in front of Diane Feinstein’s house to urge her to block Jeff Sessions as Attorney General. This week I went back to thank her for voting against him and for her very strong message (she heard us and acted, yes!). Also to encourage her to vote no on Pruitt.


The Senator lives in an incredibly beautiful house with a lovely view of the Bay. This week there weren’t as many people there and I didn’t always agree with the speakers but it was good to be out to make my voice heard.


Women’s March

There were 16 in my family marching on January 20. From the three octogenarian matriarchs to a couple of fiesty 7 year olds. Imperative activity!




Grand Newsstand and Robin’s Studio

I just spent a day with Dominique and Robin in Oakland at Robin’s. Her house is beautiful and her studio is every artist’s fantasy – wonderful light, space, and all kinds of fantastic supplies. I couldn’t resist drawing one wall of the space, chock-a-block with treasures.robinsstudio1

I am also fascinated with the Grand Newsstand on Market which sells a variety of ZINES. It’s such a cool kiosk type of thing and of course, I love zines!


George Na’ope Hula Festival


This was a wonderful festival last summer in Sacramento. It felt like home 🙂



Travel to PA/NJ/NY in December

I can get really bored on a 5 hour plane ride. Especially when we have an extra 1.5 hours to stop to refuel (in beautiful Salt Lake City). Started these pen and inks at the Museum of Natural History in NY and at the Metropolitan. Painted them on the plane. I got a little carried away but it was fun.



I took a wonderful, inspiring workshop at the Yosemite Art Center in September with Janet Takahashi. It was a whole week but I was only able to go to the morning of the first day. But I got really jazzed with her techniques and her beautiful work. I’d really like to go for the full week next year.


I met another watercolor artist at this spot. He gave me a bunch of tips for painting and promoting my work. I haven’t done many landscapes and am learning new techniques from an old book that belonged to Uncle Miki (Z”l). It’s taken me a couple of months but I finally finished this piece. yosemitevalley